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  2013 has escaped us in what seemed to be a blink of the eye. The humane society has had another successful year of adoptions with many happy stories of owners enjoying the love and companionship provided by their new furry friend. I am certain that 2014 will continue along this positive trend as we continue to fundraise for a new building and steadily work towards finding all homeless animals in our area a caring home.

One of the lessons from 2013 was to always have a plan for those unexpected events. One cold November morning, the staff of the shelter arrived in the morning to find that the main furnace had stopped working several hours previous. The temperature in the main building was below freezing. A quick call for assisstance was followed by moving the young animals into the Health Unit which is heated by a separate furnace. Heat was restored in the main building which was followed by flooding from several pipes that burst. The cats were shuttled over to Lakeland Veterinary Services for a short stay while their area at the shelter was cleaned up. Plumbing issues were corrected by late in the afternoon and things slowly got back to normal. It is important for all pet owners to think of contingency plans. Winter storms may prevent you from getting home to your pets or getting out to purchase food for them. Flooding and power outages can also lead to some major problems. Always try to be prepared for disruptins to your lives and those of your pets.

We would like to thank all of the volunteers and sponsors/donors for the assisstance that you have provided us over the last year. Operating the shelter is a large undertaking but it is made easier by the many individuals that are willing to lend a helping hand. I would like to introduce five new individuals that have graciously agreed to assist us by joining the Humane Society Board of Directors - Heather Hall, Dani Elder, Noel Kingwell, Krystal Stewart and Carol O'Hanlon. We all look forward to working with you as we find loving homes for our furry friends.


Dr. Shawn Haas

President Battlefords Humane Society