Battlefords Humane Society Inc.

Finding homes for wonderful animals

 Battlefords Humane Society       "We Speak for those who cannot speak for themselves"

We are committed to helping each potential owner choose an animal best suited to the owner's life style.  Each animal currently available for adoption has his or her own special story and some have yet to feel the comfort and security of a loving home. Your interest in adopting one of our special friends means that you are a caring and responsible person. Make no "bones" about it - adopting a pet is a very important decision! And, like any important decision, it requires a lot of thought and consideration.

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We would like to introduce you to our staff:

 Michelle Spark: Manager/                


Jennifer Kaye: Assistant Manager


Steven Brown: Supervisor


Chynna Shortt: Weekend Supervisor


Jesse Sawarin: Weekend Supervisor


Brandon Corbeil: Kennel Attendant


Amy McNiven: Kennel Attendant


Stephanie Hargebaert: Kennel Attendant


Catherine Regush: Kennel Attendant